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About Ketita

Ketita Labs conducts interdiscilinary applied research and development in quantum information processing. In addition, we disseminate knowledge through consulting activities.

R & D Areas:

  • Near-term quantum computing
  • Digital-Analog quantum computing
  • Mitigation of quantum error
  • Quantum-computational chemistry

Areas of Expertise:

  • Quantum computing hardware and quantum control (theory side)
  • Quantum error correction, fault-tolerant quantum computing
  • Quantum algorithms
  • AI for quantum systems
  • Quantum communication


Software development at Ketita Labs

Ketita Labs designs and develops quantum software products for consumers. We also write quantum software tools for use in our own research. We develop in Julia, C, CUDA, MPI, and, where unavoidable, Python.

|Ketita‚ü© AD-Sim

AD-Sim: Analog-Digital Quantum Computer Simulator

AD-Sim is a Ketita's in-house tool that we use in our research on Analog-Digital quantum control. We will start making it available for cloud use in the next couple of months. Pricing information to come.


Ketita Labs offers consulting for private and public sector decision makers, researchers, and educators.

consulting [at] ketita [dot] com


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